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FNM Programs (*2014 – 2017)

(*We’re in the process of renewing our project for 2017 -2020)

*FNMI is a licensed NGO (non-government organization) in Ethiopia Meya

Project Title:

Intellectual Disabilities Model Project for Social Inclusion: Home, School, & Work

Below: A brief description of Forgotten No More Programs

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The purpose of this project is to assist in building an inclusive society in Ethiopia for individuals who have an intellectual
disability.  At every step we involve the family in taking the key role in the development of their child(ren).  Where there is no family, we look toward the government and community to take responsibility.  We will model proper programs for the government and community to observe and then become active in implementing them within their authority.  For this project to be successful, a social re-education regarding intellectual disabilities will need to occur.

As we prepare these individuals for society, we will be preparing society for these individuals.

These proposed programs encompass 4 sectors: Social Awareness, Home, School & Work.

Each program is listed in its primary sector. 

Inclusive Society Chart

The programs listed below have been strategically developed with interrelated activities. 

The outcomes are more sustainable through these interrelated activities of the 4 sectors.

(Social Awareness – Home – Work – School)

Interrelated Program Activities_FINAL

Our  Programs for 2014 – 2017

(each program synopsis below shows the number of direct beneficiaries and total 3 year program cost)

Through these strategic programs, FNM will multiply its impact of helping individuals with intellectual disabilities in the community of Bahir Dar by producing the following sustainable outputs while creating an inclusive society.

1. Organizational Stakeholder Training – (GO/NGO/SN educators/Admins/Government officials)

The Organizational Stakeholder Training will be provided bi-annually (2 times/year) for local GOs, NGOs, government offices, special needs educators and administrators. This training will provide basic knowledge regarding special needs identification, care, community involvement, and miscellaneous topics that will advance individuals with an intellectual disability in the Bahir Dar area. Each training session will have an available capacity of 50 trainees. Over the 3 years of this project, the capacity building of local trainees in the bi-annual training sessions is 300 trainees. As the topics of training will vary, we are expecting attendees to participate in multiple sessions over the course of this project. This will enable key stakeholders the opportunity to develop and expand their knowledge of intellectual disabilities.

The whole project estimated capacity building costs for this training is $3,857 USD.

2. FNM Staff Training

FNM will provide training for 15 staff members as expatriate volunteers are available and able to come and provide training. The frequency of this training will be determined by the number of skilled volunteers who come to serve at the FNM Training Center. 10 skilled teams/individuals have been estimated to receive various trainings at the FNM Training Center throughout the duration of this project.

The whole project estimated capacity building costs for FNM Staff Training is $7,614 USD.

3. Vocational Training

FNM seeks to training 45 persons with vocational skills over the next 3 years. Along with the vocational training will be the incorporation of assisting individuals with an ID who currently live on the streets. The assistance will be in the form of personal hygiene and appropriate social skills. The training will be conducted at the FNM Training Center.

The whole project estimated capacity building costs for vocational training is $15,698 USD.  *Vocational staff salaries included

4. Home & Life Skills Training

FNM plans to train 112 persons who has an intellectual disability with the necessary home and life skills over the next 3 years. The training will be conducted in the homes of the beneficiaries. This training will also include their family members. These individuals who are school age will be directed to the FNM Training Center to receive School Skills Training, and individuals above school age will be direct to the FNM Training Center to receive vocational training.

The whole project estimated costs for home & life skills training is $37,932 USD.  *Home educators salaries included

5. School Skills Training

FNM seeks to training 60 persons with an intellectual disability with the necessary school skills over the next 3 years. The training will be conducted at the FNM Training Center.

The estimated costs for school skills training is $20,921 USD*School skills educator salaries included.

The whole project estimated cost for building 2 new SNSUs is $40,000 USD.

6. Social Awareness Program

FNM seeks to involve the community of the kebeles in which each new Special Needs classroom is built and the overall community of Bahir Dar City. This will involve more than 94,000 persons who attend an open house session at the FNM Training Center, attend the ID Forum meetings, who read the billboards posted around town, and those who observe and interact with FNM’s beneficiaries while they are on a public outing.

The whole project estimated cost for FNM’s social awareness program is $12,668 USD.

7. “EFA” Education For All – PLWD Education Program

Currently, there are organizations in Bahir Dar who provide physical therapy, mobility assistance (wheelchairs and walking crutches), and vocational training for persons living with a disability (PLWD). FNM wants to continue this progress by assisting PLWDs with their basic living needs to enable them the necessary time to study and focus on their education. The “Education For All – PLWD Education Program” has its place within this project to help PLWD’s thrive in their education experience. This program will assist these individuals with their education costs, food, housing, and living expenses. This will be accomplished through sponsorship. The 2 requirements of this program are that these students have a physical disability and they are enrolled/attending school. If they leave school, they will no longer qualify for the program. This program will continue through their university studies for those who qualify after completing the grade 12 national exam. This program will add 5 new students each school year, with a total of 15 students by the third year. If this program is working properly, FNM may increase the number of sponsored students with a physical disability above the 5 person/year limit. The purpose of this program is to enable PLWDs the opportunity to focus on their schoolwork, be selected to attend a government university, graduate university, and obtain good employment upon graduation.

The whole project estimated cost for this program is $17,415 USD.

8. The “S.T.R.ID.E” Program

The majority of individuals who have an ID do not get enough physical activity in their daily lives. FNM will implement the “S.T.R.ID.E” Program (Sports Training & Recreation for Intellectual Disabilities Ethiopia) as the exercise/sport/health component of this project. FNM’s beneficiaries who choose to participate in this program will have the opportunity to receive proper instruction regarding exercise from stretching to learning the rules to playing various sports. This program will assist in developing their group participation skills, social skills, personal confidence, and overall physical fitness. This program will also compliment the Social Awareness program, as some of the exercise demonstration/instruction will be done on a public soccer field. 
This program will be a weeklong program held during the months when school isn’t in session. There will also be exercise programs at the training center.

The capacity of this program is 60 individuals with the whole project estimated program cost of $18,696 USD.

9. FNM Training Center

The FNM Training Center will be used for the Organizational Stakeholder Training Program, FNM Staff Training, Vocational Training Program, School Skills Training Program, some of the Social Awareness Program, an EFA – PLWD Education resource room, and a “S.T.R.ID.E” resource room. FNM Management will have a separate HQ office in which reports are printed and kept, board meetings are held, and management and strategy meetings are held.

The whole project estimated cost of the FNM Training Center Lease is $16,641 USD.

*FNM Management is in the process of requesting land from the government to build its own training center. This will assist FNM in becoming a permanent member in the community.

At the beginning of the first year of operations, the FNM Training Center will need $3,164 USD worth of furnishings to outfit the center to function fully.

10. Transportation

Transportation is a very important operational tool used in this project. We need to transport most of our beneficiaries to and from various programs at the FNM Training Center. We have a good public transportation system in Bahir Dar, but it isn’t conducive for our beneficiaries. Most of them wouldn’t be able to ride without assistance.

The cost of a new 12 passenger Toyota Hiace minivan is $40,000 USD. *This van is tax-exempt and the $40k includes some initial costs, such as travel to pick it up, insurance, and setup costs (roof rack, seat covers, floor mats, & getting it registered & licensed)

Total Capacity Building & Training Costs

The capacity building is equipping FNM’s staff, GO’s staff, other NGO’s staff, Special Needs educators and administrators, and Government Officials in becoming more aware of intellectual disabilities and providing better services to individuals with an intellectual disability. There is also capacity building through vocational training, home and life skills training, school skills training, education for PLWDs, exercise programs, and social awareness programs for the community. The overall capacity building for the whole project will be 873 directly and 94,000 indirectly with the estimated capacity building program costs of $392,425 USD. These stakeholders who are impacted directly and the community of Bahir Dar who is indirectly impacted will be prepared through this project to create an environment who will readily accept new public policies implemented by the Ministry of Education and other stakeholder government entities. FNM will use this model project to multiply those helping individuals who have an ID in the community of Bahir Dar.



Sustainable Outputs




Total Organizational Budget (3 Years)



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